GAMEDAY HARVEST: Sheldon Rempal’s two-goal game extends Abbotsford’s winning streak to four!

The Abbotsford Canucks look to extend their largest win streak in team history from three to four games straight!

Abbotsford Canucks CORSI: Last 7 GP

A few weeks ago, against the Ontario Reign, I noticed a subtle change in how the Abbotsford Canucks attacked in the offensive zone.

Instead of working the puck low and setting up around the slot, the Canucks opted for a volume-heavy approach from everywhere around the perimeter. With it came some of the Farm’s most impressive 5v5 shot-differentials in team history! In my three seasons of tracking AHL hockey, the Comets/Canucks never came close to the kind of offensive domination displayed over their last three games combined!

Perhaps, starting an SPHL goaltender in their last two against the San Diego Gulls is what convinced the Farm to buy into the tight-checking, neutral-zone stifling defensive game that held opponents to under thirty-five shot attempts at 5v5 over their last three straight!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the team’s commitment to volume shooting after so many seasons of run-and-gun “perfect set-play only” hockey.

The Baby Nucks have a ton of bodies returning to the lineup, and that bodes well for the team’s goals of building upon their first real win streak of the season!


Manitoba Meese Missing Skaters

Working in the Canucks favour is the depleted roster of the Manitoba Moose! In today’s lineup, the Meese will only have three of their top-ten scorers!


The Canucks called up Noah Juulsen, assumingly because of Tucker Poolman’s mysterious absence after Vancouver’s first period against Winnipeg.

Hot off his NHL debut, Mikey DiPietro immediately returns to AHL action! No extended layoffs. We love to see it!


  • Carson Focht returns to action after being on the receiving end of a brutal open-ice hit on January 6th against the Bakersfield Condors.
  • Jack Rathbone’s return couldn’t have come at a better time with Ashton Sautner, and Juulsen recalled to the Canucks.
  • I can only assume that Tristen Nielsen misses today’s game for injury or COVID-related reasons. He’s played incredibly strong as of late.

Don’t feel like reading? Click here for spoilers!!

GAME 31:

1st period:

PP1: Rathbone, Rempal, Petan, Dries, Di Giuseppe

PP1: Klimovich, Arseneau, Stevens, Bowey, Hirano

PK1: Lockwood, Bowey, Stephens, Stevens

  • Stevens wins the faceoff, and Lockwood immediately dumps the puck into the Meese’s zone.

PK2: Wouters, Dries hop on

PK3: Murphy, Di Giuseppe, Petan, Rathbone

  • Manitoba loses the zone with twenty seconds left. Then Di Giuseppe clears to kill Kannok Leipert’s interference penalty.
  • DiPietro looking sharp while making a one-timer save against Greg Meireles.
  • Canucks outshoot Manitoba nine to seven over a pretty slow opening period.
    • Manitoba is looking a little slow while the Canucks are doing well at stifling shot attempts in the d-zone.

2nd period:

PK1: Stevens, Lockwood, Stephens, Bowey

PK1: Wouters, Di Giuseppe, Brubacher, Rathbone

PP1: Dries, Rempal, Petan, Di Giuseppe, Rathbone

3rd period:

PK1: Bowey, Lockwood, Stevens, Rathbone

PK2: Di Giuseppe, Wouters,


Abbotsford Canucks defeat Manitoba Moose 4-3


Game 31 Scoresheet versus Manitoba


  • Kind of a snoozer game despite the scoreline. Canucks probably shouldn’t be giving up three goals against a roster as depleted as Manitoba’s, but they shut the game down when it mattered most.
  • For the fourth straight game, the Canucks have outshot their opponents by a considerable margin. Canucks outshot the Moose thirty-one to twenty-three after sixty minutes of play, including six minutes spent shorthanded!
  • Quiet game for pretty much everyone not named Petan, Dries, Rempal, Di Giuseppe, or Lockwood.
  • A lot of great looks for Danila Klimovich alongside John Stevens, but he’s been quite snakebitten as of late. Klimovich is currently rocking a shooting percentage of 6.3 despite his 116 individual shot attempts across all situations. Sheldon Rempal leads the team with 140 individual shot attempts while Klimo and PDG tie with 116.
  • Jack Rathbone looked decent enough in the offensive zone and held his own around the net front. Rathbone didn’t play too much today, as he spent most of his 5v5 ice time with PTO Matt Murphy but ended up leading defencemen with four shots on goal. Hopefully, the Farm can get Rathbone up to speed and in the NHL playing for Boudreau soon!
  • That third goal allowed by DiPietro was not good. Some good post-hugging saves to keep the game tight late, but oof, that third goal made this game tighter than it should’ve been.

Cody’s Three Stars

  1. Sheldon Rempal
  2. Sheldon Dries
  3. Phil Di Giuseppe

Next Up on the Docket

The Canucks return tomorrow afternoon for the Meese rematch!


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