4/13/19 – Utica Comets vs. Hershey Bears

Well r/Canucks fam, I’m not gonna lie…there’s zero chance tonight’s game comes remotely close to the greatness that was last night’s game…I’m optimistic but I’m much more a realist…

Unless Jimbo is sticking around for all three games on this road trip… in which case, maybe we get a repeat as the team channels big Jim’s dig bick energy and light up another team contending for playoffs!

A little about the Bears; they’re currently locked into 3rd place in the AHL’s Atlantic division, but will be missing Liam O’Brien tonight who got suspended for 3 games for this hit in their game last night (a4-3 victory) against the Harftord Wolf Pack. O’Brien is the teams 7th highest scorer, so maybe that plays into the Comets favor.


With that teeny tiny preamble out of the way, lets get into tonight’s lineup, which amazingly, after 7 fighting majors last night see’s nobody out of the lineup with injury! Even Tanner Kero slots back in the lineup thank god…he took a brutal blindside assault from Joseph Cramarossa last night and did not return to the game, so hopefully he’s A-ok and 100%. Lets g get into the squad’s final road game of the season!


Starting Lineup


Pyatt Kero Boucher
Bancks Woods MacEwen
Gaunce Darcy Lind
Gadjovich Hamilton Jasek
Sifers LeBlanc
Anselmini Graham
Thow Blujus
Ty Reichenbach


Looks like the new guy slots in to provide some relief for Mazanec in this triple header weekend!




Injury Report
Bachman Juolevi McEneny Chatfield Leighton
Out for the Season Out for the season Out for the season upper body injury lower body injury


Healthy Scratches
Arseneau Stevenson Vanderlaan Pratt Doherty Eliot(wont play due to exp. Draft considerations)


Streamable Clarity Improvement Notice


Continuing with last issues theme, going to be Players full name (jersey number) – place in streamable (if not outright obvious) then every sub sequential play featuring that player it’ll be last name(jersey number) – place in streamable (if not outright obvious) I’m also going to reduce the amount of hyperlink in the GOAL streamables, since that’s what I think MOST people are here for and don’t want some gaudy blue taking up the screen.


1st period


Comets in White


  • Early pressure from the Comets again
  • Jesus Christ, Joe Roberts on the mic goes on about how new goalie Reichenbach’s brother, Bo Reichenbach was a navy seal who lost both his legs in an IED explosion, and now plays goalie in sledge hockey…jesus Christ what a warrior. Hope is brother is proud watching his brother Ty making his AHL debut tonight for the first sports organization to have been awarded a purple heart
  • LOL referees give Bears goalie, Vitek Vanecek a penalty for playing the puck outside of the designated area so the Comets are off to the powerplay
  • Jimbo must not be here; 1st Unit: Pyatt, Kero, MacEwen, Thow, Boucher
  • Holy shit Comets are playing against Canucks legend, Jayson Megna…seems unfair really
  • Comets on the powerplay and Lukas Jasek(#9) and Brendan Gaunce(#16) play give and go with some nice cross-ice feeds through traffic but Gaunce’s shot gets blockered aside by Vanecek
  • Reichenbach with a save on elite sniper Jayson Megna
  • Bears camera guy really needs to zoom out just a bit…cant see the full cycling the Comets are doing in the zone – like I KNOW Anselmini and Boucher are holding the blue line on two clearing attempts…but they aren’t showing it! Oh well…decent pressure from the Comets 1st line after facing a couple odd-man rushes the other way
  • On an offensive zone draw – Kole Lind takes an interference penalty so Comets are off to the PK
  • 1st Group: Hamilton, Bancks, LeBlanc, Sifers – a shot rises high into the side of Stefan LeBlanc he goes down for a few seconds and doesn’t move but then quickly gets up and breaks up a pass to clear the zone himself
  • 2nd Group: MacEwen, Woods, Blujus, Sifers (doubleshifted)
  • 3rd Group: Bancks and Hamilton back out again
  • Wacey Hamilton(#36) singlehandedly chewing down 19 seconds of PK time on his own after some quick end-to-end skates
  • GOAL – HERSHEY – 1-0 Bears: Nathan Walker walks down the left wing and his shot from down under catches Reichenbach off his post, where his shot deflects up off his stick and into the back of the net! Tough break for the new guy
  • Refs miss a pretty blatant tripping penalty on Stefan LeBlanc as he went to carry the puck out of the zone


Score at the end of the first period: 1-0 Bears


Well, not TOO bad of a start…new goaltender let in a very “new goaltender” type of goal against… they look to have a serious speed disadvantage in the transition game so they’ll need to be a lot better at setting up quickly and cycling efficiently in order to find success tonight. All things considered they looked pretty competitive and not TOO exhausted, which honestly, I fully expected after their dominant win agains the Pens last night. Comets barely outshot – 10 to 9 that period. Fingers crossed we get another batshit crazy second period.


2nd Period


  • yikes Kole Lind calls for a pass and tips it right to a Bears player leading to a huge chance for Hershey.. bad look lol
  • Bobby Nardella takes a high sticking penalty and the Comets are off to the powerplay early into the 2nd
  • Comets first unit gets a 1:19 to work on the powerplay until a Boucher backhand brings a stoppage in play for the 2nd unit to roll out
  • Jasek(#9) breaks up a pass on a Bears rush then picks up the puck along the blue line to spring Jonah Gadjovich(# 22) for a zone entry and shot on Vanecek
  • GOAL – UTICA – 1-1 Tie: Cam Darcy(#11) battling two Hershey players along the end boards allowing Kole Lind(#13) to pick up the puck, circle out to the side of the net and then with time and space, absolutely snipes a shot top corner off the post and in. absolute snipe
  • off the next draw, facing a rush led by Jayson Megna, Reid Boucher takes a slashing penalty to put the Comets on the penalty kill
  • uh ok even after a minute tv timeout, the referees have legit no clue who to put into the penalty box until they decide that its actually Tom Pyatt not Reid Boucher…bizarre call
  • GOAL – HERSHEY – 2-1 Bears: some pretty awful d-coverage as Jayson Megna is left sitting at the top of Reichenbach’s crease with no one on his stick letting him easily get the tap-in powerplay goal to regain the lead for Hershey
  • Lind(#13) crashing the net as Darcy(#11) attempts to set him up with the tap-in but it gets cleared down the ice, the icing gives the Comets another offensive draw
  • Kole Lind manages to draw a tripping penalty against the Bears and the Comets are off to the powerplay again
  • 1st Group: Anselmini, MacEwen, Boucher, Kero, Pyatt
  • HUGE chance for the 1st unit from Tanner Kero(#10), ending with a shot from Reid Boucher (#24)that goes off the goal post and out
  • 2nd Unit cycled out early: Jasek, Gadjovich, Lind, Gaunce, Graham – 2nd Unit has 3 zone entry attempts broken up in a row ending with a neutral zone faceoff
  • 4th line wins the neutral zone start, then gains the zone and holds with some solid cycling, but fail to get any significant shots in the Bears zone
  • some decent end to end shifts from Lind where he breaks up a breakaway pass to a Bears player, allowing Reichenbach to steer the puck to the boards to safety; then Jasek as well with a solid long end-to-end shift… some decent “200 foot” hockey, as the hockey men would say
  • on a zone breakout, a pass from Boucher gets picked off leading to 2-on-1 breakaway, but a speeding Jaime Sifers gets back to get a stick on a cross-ice feed that surely would’ve been a goal against
  • Boucher(# 24)misses a puck while holding the blue line leading to a 2-on-1 the opposite way, Reichenbach makes the save and then Boucher levels Steve Whitney after the whistle, surprised he didn’t get a penalty for that haha
  • Cam Darcy gets clipped with a high stick by Lucas Johansen and the Comets are off to the powerplay…I swear to god Darcy gets hit with a stick in the face nearly every game… Comets onto their 4th of the game
  • Darcy bleeding on the bench and campaigns for the refs to give Johansen the 4 minute double minor but they ignore him even though he’s blatantly bleeding from the nose on the bench lol
  • Gaunce has a pass picked off leading to what seems like the 15th odd-man rush against this period
  • Comets powerplay ends and they’re 0/4 on the night


The Score at the end of the 2nd period: 2-1 Hershey Bears


Quite a dull affair in that second period…Comets massively outshot the Bears 16 to 9, but the actual chances had to favor the Bears in that one. Lot of giveaways in the Bears zone, springing them on odd-man rushes against…not too good, even worse than that though is their powerplay skill right now..just getting absolutely nothing done with the man advantage. Wonder where the game heads from here, but they desperately need to get something going to even this one up.


3rd Period


  • Reid Boucher not at the bench to start the third period; Lukas Jasek slots onto the 1st line for now
  • Utica looking pretty tired out there. Still pressuring occasionally into the Bears zone, but they’re looking a little late to react to the Bears set ups
  • Hershey takes a too many men penalty and the Comets are off to their 5th powerplay of the night
  • 1st Unit: MacEwen, Lind, Pyatt, Kero, Anselmini
  • Lind playing on the right wing of the powerplay so theres no one timer ability on the right side for that 1st unit so they lose possession twice off passes from Anselmini being to the wrong side of Lind
  • 2nd Unit struggles once again to even try and gain the zone and the powerplay ends…that 2nd unit struggling mightily tonight to get anything going
  • Comets caught out and a 2-on-none breakaway but Reichenbach makes the save
  • Kero(#10) gets the breakaway chance but gets pretty obviously tripped on his drive to the net somehow no call is made
  • GOAL – HERSHEY -3-1 Bears: The ensuing play, Kero slow to get up leaving 4 Comets to defend 5 Bears. and Aaron Ness sets up Shane Gersich with a brilliant pass behind Reichenbach through the crease and several Comets to put one into the very open net
  • Comets rightfully outraged that there was no call on the Kero trip that turned into a goal against
  • Jasek(#9) chooses the wrong time to not play selfishly as he has the puck in the circle with time and space but attempts to pass rink-wide to Lind(#13) instead, brutal decision there
  • well Brendan Woods(#21) TRIES to get in a tilly to try and rally up the boys…but the fight goes about as well as the Comets game tonight
  • lol Jaime Sifers gives a shove to the face of Gersich and play is instantly blown dead to give him a penalty…Two Bears skate in to shove Sifers from behind and Lind and Gadj skate in to give them the business
  • lol after all that Cam Darcy and Jonah Gadjovich sits in the bench with the Bears Tyler Lewington and Mike Sgarbossa – 4 minutes each for roughing
  • Real thin bench now for the Comets with Boucher, Woods, Darcy and Gadjovich out haha
  • 1:40 left and the goalie gets pulled for the extra man…not even sure they have enough guys on the bench to field 6
  • GOAL – HERSHEY – 4-1 Bears: had to get the alternate angle because I think the cameraman during the live feed was falling asleep or something as he zoomed in on neutral ice instead of the play unfolding lol. Anyways Lucas Johansen steps up to the blue line as its attempted to be kept in and his shot is right on target.


Final Score: 4-1 Hershey Bears




Period Team Goalscorer Primary assist helper type
1st Hershey Nathan Walker Lucas Johansen Devante Smith-Pelly 5v5
2nd Utica Kole Lind Cam Darcy 5V5
2nd Hershey Jayson Megna Mike Sgarbossa Aaron Ness 5v5
3rd Hershey Shane Gersich Aaron Ness Chris McCarthy 5v5
3rd Hershey Lucas Johansen 5v5




  • JB must’ve left cause that looked MUCH more like the Comets I’m used to
  • Not sure what happened to Boucher but that third period was all kinds of messy, from the powerplay to the dynamics of the team, everyone just looked completely off in their timing with their new linemates.
  • Once again the Comets outshoot their opponent badly; 32 to 26 total but just suck at generating significant chances on net. 5 powerplay attempts and each one a complete goose-egg; I actually kind of HOPE JB was around for this game too so he could see the REAL look at this teams veteran core and see that outside of speed, there’s just not all too much there going on.


Comets Three Stars

  • Kole Lind – 2 goals in 2 games!
  • Luke Schenn and the staff at the Comets for his development
  • Ty Reichenbach for trying


What’s Next?


Comets wrap up their season with a home game tomorrow afternoon against the Syracuse Crunch. Syracuse is currently the lead of the AHL’s North Division and have pretty well destroyed the Comets this season…so kind of a shitty draw to end the Comets season on haha. Maybe they bench literally everybody because of how shit Tampa is doing against Columbus and the Comets get a total freebie…although that being said, the Comets could barely score on wide open nets at this point in the season so I don’t know if swapping the roster for an ECHL squad will make much of a difference.


Until tomorrow folks! This has been another depressing issue of the Farmies and from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry I jinxed it and doomed the team from the start with my prediction. Also sorry for the lack of streamables in this one. but blame the team for that one…they just genuinely didnt do much of anything worth complimenting or examining. a very dull affair.

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