4/5/19 – Utica Comets vs. Toronto Marlies

Whats up R/Canucks, the Farmies is back after a week long layoff! I unfortunately missed last Saturdays game due to personal issues (if you’ve been keeping up with the Farmies, you’ll know I’m in the process of trying to lock down a new place to live before May 31st, so finding time available to recap and review the Farm lately has been tough!).


Given that the Comets are FIGHTING for a playoff spot, it felt like a good place to restart the timely recapping…as the Comets wrap up their season with two triple header weekends, with the first match being tonight against the Toronto Marlies.


I believe mathematically, all it will take for the Comets to be eliminated is the Cleveland Monsters earning a win in regulation tonight. Essentially, the Comets do need to win all 6 of their upcoming games to have a shot at getting 4th in the division…to be completely honest even if they do get there I don’t know if the current lineup is even capable of making any kind of splash. But regardless it should be a VERY exciting weekend for the Farm as they battle their hearts out to keep their season alive.



Starting Lineup


Pyatt Darcy Boucher
Vanderlaan Gaunce MacEwen
Gadjovich Woods Bancks
Jasek Hamilton Gardiner
Thow Blujus
LeBlanc Sifers
Petgrave Graham
Michael Leighton


Looks like Jonah Gadjovich returns from a lengthy IR stint as well as centermen and PK specialist Wacey Hamilton…slotting out of the lineup are a long list of injuries (some which were picked up in the uncovered Saturday game, that will be done LATE tonight!)


Also making their debuts tonight are Mitch Vanderlaan, a 5’7” NCAA ATO from Cornell University (ever heard of it?); plus Aaron Thow, another NCAA graduate from Clarkson University on an ATO. So unlike MANY games in the past few months, a lot of prospects in tonights matchup worth watching!




Injury Report
Malone Bachman Juolevi McEneny Chatfield Lind Woo Kero
Arm Out for the Season Out for the season Out for the season upper body injury lower body injury lower body injury Concussion


Joining the season ending injuries list is Seamus Malone who picked up an arm injury in Saturdays game against Syracuse. Also injured in that game was Tanner Kero who slides out into Concussion Protocol. Jett Woo was set to make his debut but had a lingering injury from the WHL playoffs that he’s nursing.


Healthy Scratches
Anselmini Thomas Arseneau Stevenson Saucerman Eliot (will not play this season due to expansion draft reasons)


Took off the number of days scratched in a row as I missed Saturdays, and retroactive math is hard as fuck…my recap I’m doing tonight for Saturdays game will have a more accurate number though!


Streamable Clarity Improvement Notice


Continuing with last issues theme, going to be Players full name (jersey number) – place in streamable (if not outright obvious) then every sub sequential play featuring that player it’ll be last name(jersey number) – place in streamable (if not outright obvious) I’m also going to reduce the amount of hyperlink in the GOAL streamables, since that’s what I think MOST people are here for and don’t want some gaudy blue taking up the screen.


1st period


Comets in blue



Score at the end of the first period: 0-0 Tie


Not a bad penalty at all from the Comets! Great periods of play from Woods, Gadjovich, Boucher and LeBlanc! Shots even at 8 a piece; but it really felt like the Comets held control of that entire period from beginning to end


2nd Period



The Score at the end of the 2nd period: 1-0 Marlies


Wellp, Comets really need to shore up their discipline and get back in this one…they’re picking up loose pucks and doing well to enter the Marlies zone, but their shots on goal are just so predictable…just constantly into the breadbasket or gloveside…switch it up guys! YOUR SEASON IS ON THE LINE HERE!!!! Leighton being out for the rest of this triple header weekend is pretty terrifying for the playoff dream…Mazanec has lost every start, and been pulled twice while with Utica. *something something JB 7th round pick*


3rd Period



Final Score: 2-1 Toronto Marlies




Period Team Goalscorer Primary assist helper type
2nd Toronto Mason Marchment Michael Carcone Jordan Subban PPG
3rd Utica Brendan Woods Aaron Thow Jonah Gadjovich 5v5
3rd Toronto Adam Brooks Nicholas Baptiste Jordan Subban SHG




  • The Cleveland Monsters won in regulation tonight, so with their victory and the Comets loss, they have been mathematically eliminated from Calder Playoffs
  • What a heartbreaker to end the Comets season…they absolutely dominated the Marlies, but couldn’t bury their chances when they had them, and the refs certainly didn’t help them either… losing MacEwen with ten remaining….the horrific non calls around the Marlies net that seemingly happened over and over ad-nauseum…just a brutal way to see them lose.
  • Like Aaron Thow’s game, looked very competent defensively and offensively, looked to be a better powerplay runner than Graham/Petgrave or any other Comets defenseman the past 2 months. Decent speed as well, I think given more games he could develop some solid chemistry with the guys and produce more
  • Brendan Woods had himself a fucking game man, I genuinely feel bad for him, he was playing out of his mind; chances nearly every single period, skating fast, hard, 3 shots on the night, crashing the net constantly…its really too bad every single player on this team has forgotten how to score goals, because on any other normal night, his goal tonight would just be a footnote…but guy was playing great…
  • its been an absolutely horrific couple months for the Comets…injuries galore…losing streaks galore…call-ups galore…this is barely a team… I know we praise JB for his ability to draft NHL ready players…but his cupboard building has been godawul… look up the number of draft picks on Tampa Bays farm team and ECHL squad, its actually crazy that we consider Judd Bracket and the JB/JW squad as “draft gods” but really, after 5 years…we finally get 7 draft picks into our farm lineup, 1 is a bonafide NHL centerman stuck behind “heart and soul grinders” that the Canucks MUST have at all times, 1 who the coach doesn’t like and thus leaves for Liiga, 1 blows out his knee early, so we have 4 left and at the end of a season of constant disappointment, we’re left wondering…is this really it? Don’t get me wrong I have faith that one of if not, two of Gadjovich/Lind or Jasek CAN crack an NHL roster…but again after that…there’s just soooooo little. Tampa Bay called up 1 or draft picks this year due to injury so you know what they did, they called up 3 guys they drafted in 2014 and 2015 to fill the void. That’s how much faith they put into their drafting…they plug them into the lineup and build around them…here we just threw them in with our hodge-podge of AHL players and said, “I dunno, the leagues tough…try scoring!” It aint working chief! This aint it!
  • I genuinely hope that draft guru JB and co put more concerted effort in creating a farm team that can actually help our draft propsects grow…I don’t want to see Lukas Jasek stuck on the third or 4th lines playing with the Carter Bancks and Reid Gardiners of the AHL/ECHL… surely for a team in a rebuild, they can do better… surely we can do better than trading our U23 players for stop-gaps due to injuries, year-in, year-out…. Carcone, MacMaster, Dahlen net out for a net in of Stefan LeBlanc, Josh Leivo and Linus Karlsson…one guy who’s been OK in the NHL playing with the teams best players, a guy who’ll probably be a depth call up maximum, and a guy projected to most likely be a bust OR A FRINGE NHL player. WE HAVE TO DO BETTER FOR OUR PROSPECTS
  • Dude I’m sorry, but please stop playing Matt Petgrave…I bet he’s a great locker room guy and all that … but jesus the guy is a turnover machine, CONSTANTLY…he can’t hold a blue line to save his life either…its like his depth perception changes when he’s in the offensive zone. A majority of those 1st unit powerplays were lost because off poor puck control by Petgrave on the blue line… I keep saying it over and over agin…Cull clearly sees something more in Petgrave than I do…but please for the love of god play Colton Saucerman over Petgrave…I get that he’s smaller stature but he can actually shoot from the blue line, skates hard, fights if he has to, battles along the boards, but more importantly he can actually defend!
  • Respect to the Utica faithful for cheering their boys on even as they head down the tunnel…it has been a fucking brutal stretch for this AHL team and I have nothing but respect for the Utica crowd for showing up every night despite the misery… Think they had a better attendance record this past month than friggin Florida for god sakes


Comets Three Stars

  • Brendan Woods
  • Aaron Thow
  • Stefan LeBlanc

HM: Jonah Gadjovich and Lukas Jasek


What’s Next?


The Comets season now over, they head into tomorrow evenings game on the road against the Hartford Wolf Pack with basically zero expectations…I’m kind of hoping we get Petgrave out of the lineup and we see Saucerman out there..I think he’s earned the right to compete for a 3rd pair/7th D spot for next season. We know what we got in Graham and as fast as he is, if he can’t score or defend with his speed then there isn’t much point to seeing him out there…I’d like to see Sauce/Woo/Thow out there with Blujus/Sifers/LeBlanc in any kind of combination…I’m done with Pet/Graham this season I think. Give Aaron Thow more ice time…I think he’s worth a hard look.


Despite the way the Comets season ended, It’s been a god damn pleasure doing the Farmies this season for you guys, I hope to continue this into next year as well, Thanks for baring with me as I try to manage recapping games with buying a house, it hasn’t been easy but know I appreciate you guys’ readership and comments! I’ll see you all tomorrow night! (and possibly LATE tonight as I review last Saturdays game)

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