3/22/19 – Utica Comets vs. Laval Rocket

Sorry for the lateness on this one my Vancutica Camuckets fans; Unfortunately for me, my landlord has given me the option of accepting an illegal rent increase, or move out so its been a lot of frantic house-searching and viewings immediately after work. So the Farmies schedule might not be too on-point in the coming weeks sadly as my schedule is rapidly getting filled; but alas I’ll do my best, work the late night hours, burn the midnight oil, everything I can to give this subreddit the Prospect content they deserve!


It’s a pretty busy night in the AHL; With 4th place Belleville taking on Providence, 1st place Rochester taking on 5th place Cleveland, and 8th place Binghamton taking on Springfield. With the 6th place Comets taking on the 7th place Rocket…now would be a good time to earn some points to even remotely have a shot at Calder playoffs. Fortunately Belleville is losing 1-0 to Providence…a loss would still keep Utica kind of in the hunt….a win for Belleville and another loss for Utica would be disastrous though.


Don’t think anyone new joined the injury list nor did anyone come off it so its probably going to be a repeat of Wednesdays lineup…barring some crazy line shakeups…..annnnnnd they’re being shaken up. Let’s get into it boys and girls, should be a weird one!


Starting Lineup


Pyatt Kero Gaunce
Malone Woods Jasek
Bancks Darcy MacEwen
Arseneau Gardiner Lind
Blujus Chatfield
LeBlanc Sifers
Petgrave Graham
Michael Leighton


Not sure how to feel about this one… I liked Lind/Woods together and was hoping Malone would get a shot up with maybe MacEwen and Jasek…but now we’re moving him to the wing…interesting…Moving Macdaddy to the wing worked wonders so I trust Cull on this one!




Injury Report
Bachman Boucher Juolevi McEneny Hamilton Gadjovich
Out for the Season hand Out for the season Out for the season Neck Injury Upper Body Injury


Healthy Scratches
Anselmini Saucerman Stevenson Thomas
2 1 2 2


Streamable Clarity Improvement Notice


Continuing with last issues theme, going to be Players full name (jersey number) – place in streamable (if not outright obvious) then every sub sequential play featuring that player it’ll be last name(jersey number) – place in streamable (if not outright obvious) I’m also going to reduce the amount of hyperlink in the GOAL streamables, since that’s what I think MOST people are here for and don’t want some gaudy blue taking up the screen.


1st period


Comets in Blue



Score at the end of the first period: 1-0 Rocket


Despite the goal, the Comets looked pretty decent in the opening frame – outshot the Rocket 12 to 9 and had quite a few good looks on the powerplay and in the Rocket zone. Holy fuck, by the way, Dylan Blujus has got a NASTY scar on his neck…I hope that wasn’t from a skate cause jesus Christ that thing is fucking nasty huge.


2nd Period



The Score at the end of the 2nd period: 1-0 Rocket


Comets outshot the Rocket 14 to 2…. Lmao jesus Christ…that’s how you get bag skated the next day… Outshooting the Rocket so far 26 to 11 after 2 periods….the intermission interview with Pyatt essentially covers this brutal string of puck luck for the Comets where they’ve managed to outshoot nearly all off their past 8 opponents only to lose. MAYBE the puck luck comes up in their favor in the 3rd…FINGERS CROSSED!


3rd Period



The Score at the end of the 3rd period: 1-1 Tie


Well the Comets certainly have momentum on their side…lets fucking pray to god they don’t blow it like they did the last time they got into overtime…maybe just bench Brendan Gaunce for the next 5 minutes? Comets outshot the Rocket at the end of three periods, 32-12…Laval had a single shot in the 3rd…




The Score at the end of Overtime: 1-1 Tie


The Comets didn’t choke in OT! How awesome! We’re off to the shootout! Let’s goooooo





Final Score: 2-1 Utica Comets




Period Team Goalscorer Primary assist helper type
1st Laval Brett Lernout Daniel Audette Alex Grenier 5v5
3rd Utica Tanner Kero Tom Pyatt Jalen Chatfield 5v5
S/O Laval Alex Belzile so
S/O Utica Seamus Malone so
S/O Utica Lukas Jasek so




  • THE STREAK IS DEAD THANK GOD…Belleville loses too, so the playoff dreams are still alive! Now only 4 points back of Belleville (but sadly tied in points with Cleveland whom have the same amount of points with 2 less games played…so we’ll see how this plays out). I won’t call it a comeback or get my hopes up…but god damn does it feel good to review a game where the Comets are putting in a great effort in the shot column and getting rewarded with the W in the end.
  • Really digging the game of Seamus Malone, has some really solid skating in and around the net, a good play maker and for the most part knows when to take his shot. I liked him on the wing, but I do like the combination possibilities of having him centering guys like Jasek and MacEwen. Really great game from him tonight.
  • Practically everyone tonight had 2 or more shots on goal, with the exceptions being Stefan LeBlanc, Dylan Blujus and Vincent Arseneau.
  • Oh boy though, that 14 shot production from Laval…Burr…what you doing over there bud? Hope he bag skates the Laval boys for that one cause holy shit they left Connor LaCouvee out to dry with that effort.


Comets Three Stars

  • Lukas Jasek
  • Jalen Chatfield
  • Seamus Malone

HM: Tom Pyatt for his 5 shot night with time on the powerplay and a pretty good run in OT


What’s Next?


The Comets are back in action tomorrow night against the North Divisions #1 team (by a fucking WIDE margin) the Syracuse Crunch (Tampa Bay’s affiliate, take notes JB on how to draft and build your farm team). FORTUNATELY, for the Comets, the Crunch are on a 1 game losing streak…granted its only there 3rd loss in their last 10 games…but STILL…maybe the Comets ride the momentum of getting the losing monkey off their back and they play their hearts out tomorrow on the road!


As always I hope you guys enjoyed this edition of the Farmies; I’m at doctors appointments, open houses and then spending time with family for the bulk of Saturday so Farmies might get delayed til Sunday or possibly LATE Saturday evening…but until then guys I hope you all have a great start to the weekend and as always, any suggestions to improve or expand on future Farmies editions, drop a line in the comments cause I’m always around to chat Utica hockey!

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