1/9/19 – Utica Comets vs. Toronto Marlies

Whatsssss up R/Canucks its ya boi THRILL coming at you hot and heavy with another edition of the Farmies! The past couple days haven’t been very busy for the Comets, and have been relatively QUIET on the news front tooTRUSTTHEPROCESS with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be concerned about TRUSTTHEPROCESS when it comes to our rookies down on the farm! TRUSTTHEPROCESS PaidforbyUtica


But in all seriousness, there’s obviously going to be major cause for concern when a former rookie leaves your team to go back to playing for a team that will utilize him for his strengths (instead of you know….asking him to overhaul his gameplay) and THEN says there was a lack of communication between himself and the coaching staff/management….I don’t want to call this scenario “Oilers-like” as some may have pointed out because, in truth, the Oilers at least PLAYED their rookies, when maybe they shouldn’t have….whereas the Comets are kind of in an opposite-ville where we DON’T play our rookies when maybe we should?


Obviously it goes without saying that MacEwen is a great prospect, as is Dahlen and as is Lind, and Jasek, and YES…they are getting ice time…But I can’t in good conscious say I agree with Gadjovich getting stuck in the nosebleeds watching his team play because he “takes time to develop” …you know what helps development? Ice time….game experience….you know…stuff that helps players open there eyes to what they could be doing better and working on but letting them put their effort to practice instead of literally JUST practicing and hoping to test your improvements once every 2 weeks…. Because as I said in the Farmies past, Gadjovich was playing his BEST hockey when playing with Wacey Hamilton and Carter Bancks…and you know what I think Gadjer stands to learn a LOT from how those two play….super effective penalty killers, possession machines, good speed and drives to the net, aggressive on the boards…only Gadjovich can probably score better if given the opportunity to. I don’t know what our rookies like Gadjer or Jasek stand to learn from sitting in the press box watching career AHL’ers not improve, or show any kind of development that would earn them a call-up to the Canucks.


Now all that being said, I urge anyone to read my previous comments regarding how the Farm prepped for this season, because I feel like whenever I have an opinion piece to start the Farmies, people hop on to say I shouldn’t have an opinion because people don’t go to reddit for opinions or open discussions…or something…I DUNNO whatever…tonight should be a sick game….Comets vs. the Marlies…and it looks like Cull and co. maybe felt the heat of the prospect development discussion because every single one of them is in the lineup haha

I’M SURE if they get blown out or lose…the first thing they’re going to say is “well I told you so!”

But hey…that’s not why we’re here is it guys!

We’re here to watch some of the bright stars of tomorrow adapt themselves to be the best they can be so that one day we may see them in the blue green and blue! That being said lets get into it!


Starting Lineup


Jasek Kero Boucher
Dahlen Gaunce Pyatt
Bancks Hamilton MacEwen
Gadjovich Darcy Lind
Brisebois Sifers
McEneny Graham
Wyszomirski Watson
Ivan Kulbakov


Arseneau Dirk MacMaster Saucerman
1 3 5 1


RE: Benching’s

MacMaster sits for the 5th straight game and joining him is fucking Colton Sacuerman DESPITE his fucking +4 , 1 assist game he had on Sunday or the 1 assist +3 game he had on Saturday. *eye roll*

I’m irritated because guys like Dirk and Saucerman have actually been incredibly reliable on our blueline with all the injuries and are actually producing points, which outside of Graham and McEneny is pretty hard to come by.

THE REAL IRRITATION IS though I didn’t account for a new guy, Cliff Watson, who completely fucks up my macroboard and thus ability to speedily write up the Farmies! Oh well, maybe he’ll be completely invisible and I won’t have to write his name down much haha




Injury Report
Bachman Blujus Chatfield Juolevi Sautner
Out for the Season undisclosed foot Out for the season his fucking faceeeeeee


Ryan Johnson did say that Chatfield and Sautner could POSSIBLY return towards the end of this month.


Streamable Clarity Improvement Notice


Continuing with last issues theme, going to be Players full name (jersey number) – place in streamable (if not outright obvious) then every sub sequential play featuring that player it’ll be last name(jersey number) – place in streamable (if not outright obvious) I’m also going to reduce the amount of hyperlink in the GOAL streamables, since that’s what I think MOST people are here for and don’t want some gaudy blue taking up the screen.


1st period


Comets in White



Score at the end of the first period: 3-1 Marlies


Pretty brutal period in terms of offense…Comets outshot 9-3 and their one goal was quite flukey…will definitely need to up their playmaking in the Marlies zone if they want to make this game competitive.


2nd Period



The Score at the end of the 2nd period: 4-2 Marlies


Again not a lot of chances for the Comets tonight in the Marlies end…shots were even however (10/10)…Marlies just a whole lot better defensively and are doing a way better job at breaking up the Comets offensive drives…that being said, Jasek, Lind, Darcy and Gadjovich are looking EXTRA dangerous every time they are on the ice.


3rd Period



Final Score: 6-3 Marlies




Period Team Goalscorer Primary assist helper type
1st Toronto Colin Greening Dmytro Timashov Vincent LoVerde 5v5
1st Utica Tanner Kero Reid Boucher Lukas Jasek 5v5
1st Toronto Calle Rosen Josh Jooris Jeremy Bracco 5v5
1st Toronto Pierre Engvall Vincent LoVerde Jeremy Bracco 5v5
2nd Toronto Trevor Moore Mason Marchment Sam Jardine 5v5
2nd Utica Tanner Kero Jesse Graham Lukas Jasek 5v5
3rd Utica Brendan Gaunce Jamie Sifers 5v5
3rd Toronto Calle Rosen Jeremy Bracco Chris Mueller 5v5
3rd Toronto Carl Grundstrom Vincent LoVerde EN



  • Well an unlucky first period full of bounces/redirects gave the Marlies the lead and that was more than enough to seal this one for them. Also helping them was their ability to outshoot the Comets, ending the game having outshot the Comets 29 to 19. The Comets only registered 5 shots on goal in the third, and that was with a key powerplay towards the end of the game with Kulbakov pulled for a two man advantage…not really a great look for their powerplay units this game
  • As CanucksArmy Contributor Darryl Keeping say, if you’re going to put Lind on the #2 PP unit, move him to Brisebois (Boeser) spot and off the bumper…most of his success in Kelowna came from running the powerplay in that position
  • Really impressive shift work from Lind/Darcy and Gadjovich tonight that no doubt will get 1 of the 3 benched in their next outing. Pretty physically aggressive stuff along the boards from Darcy and Gadjer, and just sooo much good puck control and distribution from Lind….the goals WILL come eventually if they just keep this line together but I truly doubt it… given that this game was broadcast on tsn2…I feel like this was Cull trying to appeal to the MANY Vancouver media eyes who were NOT occupied with the Canucks today and had time to kill by watching the farm… hopefully im wrong though…the two kids looked good and despite 6 goals against, ended the night with a +/- of 0 for all three. I know its kind of a generic stat but I mean still stands to reason they weren’t allowing any chances against anytime they were on the ice
  • The Dahlen invisibility cloak continues to rear its ugly head…no points, no shots, -1 rating…looked slow to the puck in many instances…I really have to wonder if that concussion had a longer lasting effect than we realize… Hasn’t been the same player since…His work on the powerplay hasn’t been that impressive either….crisp passing has become a bit more aggressive, stiff…less soft on his passes which is unusual, as the silky mitts on the powerplay was one of his hallmarks in the earlier parts of the season
  • Boucher sort of regressing a bit into the “if im not scoring then im doing nothing” type of gameplay…he was absolutely smothered by the Marlies defense tonight, and any time he had chances to PASS…he’d opt for the slapshot that would 99.9% of the time deflect off a stick into nowhereland….followed by an annoyed look to the heavens or shake of the head, and then a slow skate back to the bench….Carcone was ditched because of his perceived me vs. the world playstyle….Boucher is following some dangerous footsteps as of late with his near non-existent passing game
  • Why isn’t Gagner with our farm? Better yet, why have we not just TRADED HIM to the Leafs for literally anything? The guy was a threat tonight, powerplay time, shots on net, was on the ice for 2 goals for… it seems absolutely insane to me that we’re paying him millions to teach the Toronto Marlies rookies how to succeed in hockey to earn a shot in the NHL…its baffling to me….absolutely baffling


Comets Three Stars

  1. Lind/Gadjovich/Darcy – every shift of theirs was interesting and dynamic, the definition of high danger chances were generated from these three.
  2. Lukas Jasek – two assists, great puck control, the usual, still the Comets most underrated player at the moment
  3. Brendan Gaunce – another goal to bring his total points on the season to 21 in 24 games. Guy is just clutch lately and that early 3rd period goal really gave the Comets some life…if only the team could capitalize on the little momentum they got


What’s Next?


After tonight’s loss, the Comets win streak is over but they manage to retain there 3rd place spot in the North Division over the Marlies. They now sit 3 points behind the first place Rochester Americans, and 1 point behind the Syracuse Crunch…so while tonight wasn’t THAT great for the Comets, they are still somehow, barring all the injuries, the ECHL goaltenders, the lack of a true AHL d-core and the near non-existent powerplay, they’re still SOMEHOW contending for the first place spot in the division! (yes I know the Comets have like 3-6 more games played than the 2 teams ahead of them and the Marlies behind them but my point remains!)


The Comets return for a 5 game home stand against the New York Islanders farm team, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, great name, GREATER JERSEY,… The Comets only have a 2 game series this season against the Tigers and it will be pretty competitive as the Tigers recently had Josh Ho-Sang return to their lineup…The Tigers have a pretty young lineup leading their team in goals and assists, so MAYBE…the Comets should look to matching youth with youth, and maybe run the same lineup we saw tonight to test our rookies against the Atlantic divisions 2nd best team!


As always I Hope you guys enjoyed this edition of the Farmies. Any feedback, improvement suggestions, content or highlights you’d like me to focus/pick out during games, let me know and I’ll do my best to provide during the next Farmies!

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