11/16/18 – Utica Comets vs. Syracuse Crunch

Well the farm is looking to bust up a 2 game losing skid with a home game against the Tampa Bay Lightning’s farm team the Syracuse Crunch. The Crunch are coming off back to back impressive wins over the Washington Capitals farm team the Hershey Bears and against the New Jersey Devils farm team the Binghamton Devils, winning those games 7-2 and 5-2 respectively. The Comets will need to see an improvement in their 5v5 scoring and some more reliable goaltending to make this game competitive!


Starting Lineup


Carcone Kero Boucher
MacMaster Cameranesi MacEwen
Dahlen Jasek Bancks
Gadjovich Woods Kile
Juolevi Sifers
Sautner Chatfield
Briesbois McEneny
Ivan Kulbakov


Blujus Palmu


Injury Report
Arseneau Darcy Demko Hamilton Lind Gardiner
Hand undisclosed concussion concussion week-to-week undisclosed


Streamable Clarity Improvement Notice


Tonight I’m going to stick with what I did last game and stick with this kind of format – player (#jersey number of player) location at start of streamable if not plainly obvious by play description. To kind of speed up the process, I’ll probably spell the full players name with jersey number when they first show up in a play/highlight of the game, but will be shortened to just their last name in sequential plays…Opposing teams names will only be listed on goals against, or notorious penalties/majors etc. If anyone has suggestions to improve on the clarity of the highlights/plays, I’d love suggestions for improvement! Until then lets get into the game!


1st period



Score at end of 1st period:2-0 Syracuse


2nd Period



Shots in favor of Utica this period were 14 to 7… a pulled goalie, a missed penalty shot, a denied goal, oh boy that’s a heartbreaker of a period for the boys…would be shocked to see them pull off the comeback in the third after that one.


The Score at the end of the 2nd period: 3-0 Syracuse


3rd Period



Pretty brutal third period, not a lot of scoring chances for either side, Comets passes not clean, Syracuse looking to just coast out the game, was quite the chore to get through… Utica led the period with 7 shots to Syracuse’s 5..


Our Final Score: 4-0 Syracuse



  • Gadjovich had a much better game, was good along the boards, even if the team didn’t score I think he did good with every shift
  • Juolevi did NOT have a good game, was consistently beaten in footraces for the puck, and wasn’t really noticeable on the point
  • Tanner Kero looked to be completely phoning it in this game…kind of a crazy flip from last game where he Dahlen and Juolevi were working wonders together
  • Dahlen, I almost want to say has to dial back his flash, because the guys he’s playing with seem completely unprepared to deal with the kinds of passes he’s generating for them in the front of the net
  • I think Alex Kile had 1 shift in the third period, still not sure why the ECHL call-up is getting ice time over one of the Canucks signed players. Even if Palmu is in Cull’s doghouse, just slot him in and bench him for the majority of the game…he basically did with Kile so whats the difference?
  • Jalen Chatfield had the best game out of the entire Comets bunch, strong checking, good footraces, hopped up into the offensive zone a few times, really solid game from an otherwise lackluster team performance
  • Ivan Kulbakov, holy moly, this team needs to spend like 4 days straight drilling spinning wrist shots from the left and right circles because this guy cannot stop a shot like that whatsoever. Hard to generate any momentum for the team if every defensive zone faceoff draw has like an 85% chance of being a goal for the opposing team.


Whats Next?

Well this one was pretty brutal to sit through so hopefully the next one will be a bit more feisty; Utica is up again tomorrow visiting the Hartford Wolf Pack to round out their 6th double header of 19 double headers in the season. AHL schedules are nutty man, that doesn’t even include the 5 back-to-back-to-backs that the team plays across the season too! So let’s hope the farm can get it together and generate some offense again, because lord knows they aren’t getting the goaltending they need so they need to be scoring. BADLY.


Hope you guys enjoyed this edition of the Farmies, any feedback, improvement suggestions, content or highlights you’d like me to focus/pick out during games, let me know and I’ll do my best to provide during the next Farmies! Relating to the next Farmies! I’ll be visiting the states for the weekend so Saturdays Farmies will likely not be out until Monday night or Tuesday night depending on how the Canucks fare. I.E. Don’t want the Farmies lost in the myriad of posts should the big boys light up the Habs AND the Jets on Saturday and Monday respectively.


EDIT: Looks like Trent Cull wasn’t a fan of tonights effort from the farm either. some pretty strong words

“I didn’t like our copmete. It is not everybody. We have to compete harder on pucks. We have to battle harder. Different guys kind of bring the same compete, and other guys…I shouldn’t have to BEG guys to compete at the pro hockey level.”

source: https://twitter.com/OD_Birnell/status/1063634116132970498

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