11/10/18 – Utica Comets vs. Binghamton Devils

Hey guys, THRILLHOIAF (The1THRILLHOUSE under other mediums) here with the second edition of the Farmies! Today’s game has our Utica Comets visiting the New Jersey Devils farm team, the Binghamton (trust me there’s no P, I checked several times) Devils. Binghamton sits third in their division…somehow as they have a division worst goals against of 53 and a meager goals for of 39. Last year the Comets absolutely rolled the Devils series with a 6-2-0-0 record. The Comets looked to test their impressive road record (4-1-1) but the big question remained, can the Comets ride the high of last nights comeback win, or will exhaustion spell their doom…(spoilers: it did)



I’m still working on audio balancing and streamable quality as it’s a new medium for me so the first couple issues of this will be a work in progress so any help/advice would be great!



Coming off last night’s victory, the Comets had to call up Alex Kile on a PTO from the Maine Mariners. I believe this was to replace Vinny Arseneau and Cam Darcy who left the game with injuries. They have a few guys on AHL deals playing in the minor league affiliate, but I believe travel issues barred them from getting the call up. With all that being said, the numerous injury woes to the Comets squad, the number of guys up with the big leagues and playing their goaltender for a 5th straight start (two back to back) we were definitely in for an interesting game. With that said, let’s get into it!


1st period


A very busy period indeed, and looks like I was right that Kulbakov 5th straight start (1st back to back) would have some serious fatigue. Not too many defensive errors on the goals against, mostly looked to be Kulbakov just having poor vision and puck control. Pretty reasonable, the guy had as many saves in last night’s Overtime as he did in the third period!

Alas, the score at end of 1st period: 4-1 Binghamton


2nd Period


Score at end of 2nd period: 5-1 Binghamton Devils


3rd Period


Final Score: 5-1 Binghamton Devils



  • Utica is a very young team, and with all the callups to the Canucks, and the number of guys filling in from the ECHL, its pretty impressive the comeback they pulled off last night. But back to backs are brutal. Especially when the back to back involves going on the road
  • I think Kulbakov was QUITE exhausted, and his poor play showed, fortunately, they have a week until their next game, a roadie against the Belleville Senators, so hopefully this will allow this young Utica squad some recovery time.
  • Hopefully the Comets powerplay guys recognize the work that Palmu is putting in and (Jason Botchford high pitched screaming voice) PASS IT TO FUCKING PALMU!
  • Also, shoutout to this guy in the bottom right for winning the puck toss contest between the 2nd and 3rd periods


Whats Next?

The Comets visit the Ottawa Senators farm team, the Belleville Senators. The Sens are coming off an 8-2 loss to the Toronto Marlies, so both teams will be looking to move past their rough losses.


Hope you guys enjoyed this edition of the Farmies, obviously this is still a work in progress so any feedback, improvement suggestions, content or highlights you’d like me to focus/pick out during games, let me know and I’ll do my best to provide! If not in this edition, but at the very least the next edition of the Farmies!

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