11/9/18 – Utica Comets vs. Hartford Wolf Pack

Hey guys THRILLHOIAF (the1THRILLHOUSE is my more common moniker) here with what I hope to be a fairly frequent series of reviews of the Comets games.

I recently got the AHL team package for the Comets and since I’ve got tonnes of time on my hands and want to contribute something to the sport I love I thought it’d be great to give our community a little bit of a glimpse at the kids on the farm (outside of twitter clips from the usual suspects) to see how they’re doing outside of just getting prospects updated points totals!

Note that I have a fairly positive outlook so some of my clips might be a bit “homerist” in that it may seem like a meaningless play or attribute of a players game, but I’m a fan of effort, skating, edgework passing, so some of my stuff might not be the standard “highlight reel clips” but stuff I think worth noting about a prospects value and style!


I’m still working on audio balancing and streamable quality as its a new medium for me so the first couple issues of this will be a work in progress so any help/advice would be great!

without further adieu…

Utica Comets take on the NY Rangers farm team the Hartford Wolf Pack

Coming into tonight the Comets were on a 5 game losing streak at home and with Richard Bachman still up with the main squad, netminder Ivan Kubalkov was looking at his 4th start in a row. The Wolf Pack were visiting the Comets on their 5th straight road game but were well rested and looking to dominate after having almost 6 days to prepare after their last game, a shootout loss to the Hershey Bears. Lets get into it!

1st Period

  •  Tanner MacMaster taking lessons from Elias Pettersson and had a great chance alone down the wing, wiring one straight into Marek Mazanecs gloveside. (https://streamable.com/7u1zb)
  • 6th rounder Lukas Jasek had a great end to last season with the Comets, putting up 7 points in just 6 games. Here he is alone on the left circle with a great rinkwide pass from fellow 6th rounder, Petrus Palmu, where he attempts to go top shelf on Mazanec but again finds his glove (https://streamable.com/qoqvq)


Score at end of period: 0-0


2nd Period

  •  A great shift from Petrus Palmu see’s him use his stick to force the defender into making a risky chip that gets knocked back into the defensive zone, then fights for the puck along the boards and rounds it off with another rinkwide pass to Guillaume Brisebois, who gets a shot off on Mazanec and creates a close scoring opportunity. (https://streamable.com/8kgry)
  • A nifty pad save from Kubalkov keeps the game tied (https://streamable.com/cw25f)
  • Dahlen with the easy pass to MacEwen who rifles it past Mazanec to make it a 1-0 game! (https://streamable.com/ltboe)
  • Less than 3 minutes later Tim Gettinger weaves around Jonah Gadjovich and Brendan Woods like its nothing, picks up a rebound amongst Juolevi/Woods and Jamie Sifers and ties the game at 1. (https://streamable.com/cgjzt)
  • Michael Carcone with speed tries to get Utica a lead but is pokechecked away (https://streamable.com/guwzh).
  • Moments later Ville Meskanen tips a shot up front to give Hartford the lead (https://streamable.com/8ge08).
  • A few minutes after, a screening Jonah Gadjovich and a great shot from Jalen Chatfield at the blue line leads to a great scoring opportunity, but no dice (https://streamable.com/df1hu).
  • Juolevi towards the end of a shift does a great job fighting for and clearing the puck then recovering a bad giveaway by Carcone that could’ve been bad news (https://streamable.com/o0971)
  • Petrus Palmu with some hustle to start his shift (https://streamable.com/988d5)
  • A lazy clear attempt from Tanner Kero leads to a Ville Meskanen one-timer that puts the Wolf Pack up by 2 (https://streamable.com/yjend)


Score at end of 2nd period: 3-1 Hartford


3rd Period


  • Olli Juolevi steps up to into the play for a one timer but doesnt hit it with enough power to make it count (https://streamable.com/ac5wl)
  • A Lukas Jasek giveaway ends the Comets hopes for another try on the powerplay (https://streamable.com/me5u6)
  • Jonathan Dahlen attempts to shatter some ankles, but blows a tire instead (https://streamable.com/ig2kr)
  • Dahlen then followed up with shades of his boy EP40 with the slapper on the wing (https://streamable.com/htk0o)
  • Tanner MacMaster might be one of the standouts from the few games I’ve watched, great hustle and speed, just like this EP40 attempt (https://streamable.com/tp31p) – i assume the team was watching Petey highlights or something pre-game cause this exact scoring attempt was made at least 5 times in this game
  • Palmu again recovers an awkward bounce with a shot on net and ends the shift with a hit on the 6’1″ Gabe Fontaine (https://streamable.com/ud7dx)
  • MacMaster with the no look pass in front to Lukas Jasek, who roofs it to bring the Comets within 1 (https://streamable.com/voi2u)
  • Jonah Gadjovich couldn’t have picked a better time to score his first AHL goal, here he parks at the net after battling along the boards and gets it past Mazanec to tie the game with a minute 27 left in the game (https://streamable.com/udmc1)
  • the game almost didn’t even go to overtime as Hartford had a huge scoring opportunity seconds before the periods conclusion (https://streamable.com/pad94)


Score at end of 2nd period: 3-3 tie


I didn’t clip it, but on that last scoring chance from Hartford, Comets player Michael Carcone received a tripping penalty at the literal end of the period so the Comets had to spend the first two minutes of this Overtime on the penalty kill…I clipped the majority of the PK because its simply incredible how clutch Ivan Kubalkov was during this 2 minutes…some absolutely clutch saves were made.

after an overtime with no goals we went to the shootout



  • Petrus Palmus points may not show it, but the guys hustle, creativity and edgework are probably the most standout on the team…I mean maybe I’m fanboying a bit hard but I kind of stopped looking at the puck on this shift and just watched him glide around the ice waiting for the breakout pass (https://streamable.com/yftg7)
  • per the above due to his stature, Palmu utilizes a very “active stick” he’s constantly using it to create space, and create the illusion that his opponents dont have space. like in [this little play here where he singlehandedly boxes out the Wolf Pack defender into passing up the right wing into the Comets defenders, and then AGAIN boxes him out into passing to his LD who is forced to pass it down the wing instead of cross ice to their RW. (https://streamable.com/nqqk6)
  • Given his workload he’s received with Bachman gone, Kubalkov stepped up fucking hugeeee tonight some really awkward passe and bounces to the front of the net, but he was game. (https://streamable.com/vnzq4)
  • Jalen Chatfield remained off the scorecard, but the guy had a great game, relied upon in every situation and rarely did I ever see any kind of flub from him. Reminds me a bit of Chris Tanev, just super reliable.
  • I’m pretty sure they gave Petrus one of the 3 stars due to them thinking he got his first AHL goal, but he should’ve definitely got it for his hustle, solid defensive play and offense generation.
  • I’m actually pretty shocked they didn’t give the 1st star to Kubalkov. The 3 goals against him in the game were due to poor defense or just unfortunate tips, but the guy was huge in the 3rd period and overtime for the Comets, certainly earned it in my eyes.

Whats Next?

The Comets visit the Binghamton Devils tomorrow at 7pm EST

The big question will be, does Kubalkov get tomorrow off?? Will we see Connor LaCouvee start a game?

Anyways guys I hope you like this kind of stuff, obviously this is a work in progress, and I can get pretty wordy at times, so any feedback is appreciated, I hope to get these out post-game as soon as possible, or at the very least before their next game! The AHL schedule is fairly friendly in that they’ll have a game every 2 days, then suddenly a 5 day break so I’ll definitely do my best to try make this a frequent thing so we can have as much Vancouver content as possible!

Thanks everyone, have yourselves a great long weekend!

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