10/5/18 – Utica Comets vs. Toronto Marlies

This was a part of my Farmies:Rewind series where I reviewed games that had happened way before I had begun doing the Farmies series. Here’s a trimmed down version of the Farmies that covered their season opener at home.

Comets in White

  1st Period

2nd Period

3rd Period

Final Score: 7-3 Toronto Marlies

In the first game of the season facing the reigning Calder Cup champions, the team did actually PRETTY GOOD all things considered, had they had Demko in net instead of Bachman, a lot of those soft glove side goals probably get stopped, and that 6th goal blunder probably never happens. Pretty interesting to see some of the early line chemistry from the team…Gaudette/Lind/Archibald was a very effective line all things considered, I think had Gaudette been left to play out the season with Utica he and Lind probably would’ve started to gel rather quickly, because even in their first real game together, the chemistry looked pretty solid.

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